Push your dance skills in a new direction by learning PRODIJIG's unique style of dance that includes elements of Irish, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Flamenco and Jazz.

The PRODIJIG Dance Academy strives to provide a fun learning environment, where the aim of it's professional and experienced teachers, is to enable each student to evolve as a dancer and reach their full potential. 

  • Choreography

  • Technique

  • Musicality 

  • Fitness

  • Team Work 

  • Self Confidence

 We asked our dancers how they feel about PRODIJIG and here is what they had to say! 

  • "PRODIJIG has changed my life in so many ways, not just as an irish dancer but as a person, it has taught me how to express my feelings through dance and the importance of never giving up on your dreams!" ~ Nawal Elbadri 

  • "My favourite thing about PRODIJIG is that one minute you could be dancing with such strength and power and the next you could be barefoot ,connected with the floor dancing slow controlled movements. Theres so much varity its challenging and extremely rewarding" ~ Dane McKiernan

  • "One of the highlights of my life so far is being part of the phenomenon 'PRODIJIG'. It was an honour to bring Alan Kernefick's masterpiece 'PRODIJIG: THE REVOLUTION' to life" ~ Zoe Talbot 

  • "Being a part of PRODIJIG is one of the best professional dance experiences i have had to date. Alans creative mind takes Irish Dance to another level!" ~ Aidan Garvey 

  • "I love being a part of PRODIJIG, it has brought me so far out of my comfort zone i never want to go back in!"           ~ Meadbh Kennedy 

  • "My favourite thing about PRODIJIG is being able to push the boundaires of what is physically and emotionally possible. We not only get to feel that in ourselves but we also get to experience it through an audience reaction aswell!" ~ Colin Fleck 

  • "PRODIJIG has helped me recognise my full potentional as a dancer and apreciate dance for the amazing art form that it is" ~ Niamh O'Sullivan

  • "What i love about being apart of PRODIJIG is that i get to challenge myself by learning different dance styles" ~ Mick McHugh

  • "Being apart of PRODIJIG is one of the proudest parts of my dance carreer. Being pushed to my limits as a dancer is the best feeling!" ~ Lianne Stubbs

  • "I love dancing with PRODIJIG as i get to express myself as a dancer in many ways. Its also crazy good fun!!" ~ Emmett McMorrow

  • "PRODIJIG breaks the barriers of Irish Dance, it allows me as a dancer to express myself in a unique and passionate way" ~ Christen Mooney 

  • "PRODIJIG is the revolution of Irish Dance. It has pushed me as a dancer more then anything i have ever done and i feel proud to be apart of it" ~ Olivia Graydon

  • "I am extremely privileged to be a part of PRODIJIG. From an Irish Dancers point of view, it has has pushed the boundaries of Modern Irish Dance in so many ways and has taken Irish Dance to a whole new level!"             ~ Calum Kelly

  • "As a member of PRODIJIG I am inspired everyday to follow my dreams. Alan along with instructors Nawal and Dane have taught me to be the best that i can be , to dance with passion and soul" ~ Georgina Donovan 




Monday: 8yrs + Up - 6.30pm - 7.30pm 

These classes are for kids, teens and adults who have at least 2yrs experience in either Irish Dance or Tap Dance. 

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