'An irresistible revolutionary energy' – The Irish Times

ProdiJIG: The Revolution – a ground breaking new dance show, that will redefine Irish Dance for the next generation. An original show produced by Cork Opera House, choreographed and created by Alan Kenefick and directed and co-created by acclaimed theatre director Wayne Jordan, ProdiJIG: The Revolution breaks all of the rules of what you’re supposed to see, hear and feel at an Irish Dance show.


ProdiJIG: The Revolution 

celebrates the spirit of creativity and freedom through themes of riot and revolution. Like many rebellions that have come before, the musicians and dancers break from the confines of tradition to present the Irish dance of a new generation. The show fuses cutting-edge Irish dance with urban, hip-hop and Jazz to open the door to a new world order that is more Kanye West than Far and Away!


Irish progressive traditional music band MOXIE worked with internationally acclaimed composer and sound designer Peter Power to create a soundscape that will completely open up the world of Irish Dance. Intricate melodies wrap themselves around heavy beats to form the backbone of the sound of The Revolution, happening live on stage.


Breaking away from the traditions that have come before, ProdiJIG: The Revolution raises the curtain for a new era in Irish Dance – a show that breathes life and creativity into old ways that will leave you breathless. It looks different, it sounds different, it feels different. It is a show that dances outside the lines and it is absolutely unmissable.

A tale of freedom through dance, the show’s creator Alan Kenefick says “ProdiJIG: The Revolution has been inspired by my life as a dancer including the highs and the lows, and a dream to make a change – to show the world that we as Irish dancers and as a culture are still evolving…This is our Revolution.”


Images by Miki Barlok


Video's by Epic


Produced by Cork Opera House